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Rhyme LED Light Co.,Ltd.

Rhyme L E D specializes in professional L E D light design and manufacture, such as L E D high mast light, L E D streetlight, L E D high bay, L E D floodlight and L E D moduler. All of them are patent design, in addition it's made of top brand materials such as Meanwell driver and Lumileds.

Rhyme L E D is I S O 9 0 0 1: 2 0 0 8 factory, our lamp with top brand certification, such as U L, D L C Premium, TUV and 3 C. Quality is the most important, by professional test equipment, such as Goniophotometer, Power tester, Ground meter, Withstanding voltage insulation resistance tester, Electronic compatibility tester, Intergrating sphere measurement system, Salt mist tester, vibration measurement instrument, I P tester and High temperature high humidity tester etc.

Rhyme L E D with experienced team, who with more than 15 years' experience in L E D industry, who covers L E D package, light design and manufacture. Experienced team help customers to design new products, at the same time we are O D M supplier of world class brand light company such as EATON.

Rhyme L E D is not only a light factory, but also cover die-casting, C N C and powder coating. Now S K D turnover is 20 % of sales revenue, and It is expected to reach 3 5 % in 2019.

Rhyme L E D sales are looking forward to help you improve your customers' satisfaction and expand your business.

LED High Bay Light manufacturer
LED High Bay Light factory. LEDRHYTHM Optronic Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. LED Floodlight supplier. High Power Retrofit LED Bulb light factory

Top brand LED Chip, Lens and Power Supply, make sure reliable quality and zero maintenance.

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